8×10 Mobile Coop


An 8×10 mobile coop is the perfect fit for farmers or homesteaders looking to increase their current flock size. Now you can raise enough meat birds or eggs to provide for your family and a few close friends. Embark on your journey of raising your own pasture raised meat or farm fresh eggs. With a mobile coop, it will be easier and more fun than you ever imagined!

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8×10 Mobile Coop Features

  • Strong, lightweight, and weather-resistant aluminum frame
  • Stainless steel washer, bolts, and zinc nuts
  • Adjustable wheel system
  • Rubberized Foam tires
  • Roll up sides
  • Plenty of room for up to 30 birds
  • Roosting bars
  • Front mount handle

Each of our 8×10 mobile aluminum a-frame chicken coops is built with quality by the Amish at Noble Welding located in La Grange, Indiana. Regardless of where you are located, this 8×10 coop will arrive flat-packed on a pallet and delivered to your front door.

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8x10 mobile coop

How Many Birds Can the 8×10 Mobile Coop Hold?

Our Mobile A-frame Chicken Coops are great for chickens, ducks, and turkeys. While the number of birds each coop can hold may vary based on the breed, here is a basic guide.


8×10 Mobile Chicken Coop Payback Period

When considering the integration of mobile chicken coops, it’s crucial to highlight the quick and significant savings they can bring to your poultry farming efforts. Like any new idea, it’s essential to recognize the practical benefits that a mobile coop can offer. Before you get started, consider how these mobile chicken coops can help you achieve your poultry farming goals while making more money. Mobile coops are not just a trend, they’re a smart investment to optimize savings and elevate the performance of your poultry farm. 

Here is a cost-profit analysis for an 8×10 mobile chicken coop accommodating 30 chickens. 

Cost to Raise 30 Chickens and Total Net Profit 

Now, let’s determine how much it costs to take care of 30 chickens. This analysis will help in figuring out how much money you can make. After evaluating the gross profit generated from the sale of chickens, the next step involves factoring in all expenses related to raising chickens and subtracting the cost from these costs from the gross profit. The remaining amount after deducting the cost provides insight into the net income you can retain after covering all necessary expenditures.

Note: Detailed calculations aren’t shown.

Gross Income Per Year

Let’s finalize by looking at the annual gross income for an 8×10 mobile chicken coop. According to our calculation, an 8×10 mobile coop has the potential to generate a gross income of $870 per year. This revenue comes from selling eggs, or meat.

Understanding both the gross income and net profit is crucial in chicken farming. Farmers can make informed decisions about expanding their farms, increasing investments, or making their farming process better.

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Assemble Your Mobile Coops in a Few Short Hours

Assembling a mobile a-frame chicken coop can seem like a difficult task but with the right tools, it can be done in just a few short hours. All you need to do is gather your tools and materials, find a spacious space lay the pieces, and follow instructions. Assembly of these 8×10 mobile coops will take between 2 and 4 hours. You should plan to have two people available for assembly.

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