20×48 Chicken Hoop House


Looking for a safe space to house a large flock of chickens? This 20×48 chicken hoop house is for you! This sturdy chicken coop has all the features and accessories your hens need to live a healthy life. Unlike most similar coops, you do not have to worry about tripping over bars in your chicken hoop house, and we even offer various additions to add to your coop. Care for a large flock easily with our sturdy and reliable 20×48 chicken hoop house.

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Features of Our 20×48 Chicken Hoop House

  • 4 Corner Tow Hookups
  • Opaque Plastic Roof
  • Roll-up Side Curtains
  • Roll-up Front and Back Curtains
  • The roost provides comfort and safety
  • Sturdy Bracing System
  • Covered 4×7 Doors
  • Complete Directions for Assembly

More about this 20×48 Chicken Coop

Chicken Hoop Coop

Strong Design

This coop is the only one on the market without floor-level bars 18″ off the ground every 4-6 feet. The bracing system strengthens the hoops and eliminates the knee-length bars.


Our chicken coop can be moved around from place to place. No bars in the hoop house mean you can move the coop quicker and more efficiently without fear of crushing the birds.


Are you looking for some add-ons for your coop? Try adding our auto feeder system, instant water system, solar bank, or lighting system. Any system can be added at any time.

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