Mobile Duck Coops

Raising ducks is quickly becoming a popular alternative to chickens. Whether you prefer raising duck eggs or duck meat, our Amish-made mobile duck coops are a great fit for any size farmer. From a small 4×6 coop all the way up to our large 10×12 duck coops, we provide the perfect coop you need to raise ducks in a healthy, sustainable way.

Movable Coop For Duck Farming

Why Choose Mobile Duck Coops?

Many people are hesitant to raise ducks due to their messy nature. Let’s face it, nobody likes gathering messy eggs. That is why duck coops are becoming so popular. With a movable duck coop, you can easily move your ducks to greener pastures on a daily basis. This prevents your ducks from making a muddy mess inside their pen. With cleaner ducks and cleaner eggs, you’ll fall in love with our movable duck coops. Our goal is to make raising ducks a fun and enjoyable project for the whole family. After all, that is where the memories begin!

Mobile Duck Coops for Layers

While most people are quite familiar with chicken eggs, recent studies have shown that duck eggs are quickly becoming more and more popular. Many homesteaders have started raising their own ducks for their egg source. Ducks are larger, tougher, and more nutritious than chicken eggs. Mobile duck coops are the perfect way to keep your ducks safe. At the same time, you can achieve the delicious, nutritious benefits of having fresh duck eggs raised right on your own farm!

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Mobile Duck Coops for Meat Ducks

Numerous homesteaders have stated that raising ducks for meat is easier than raising broilers. Due to their nutritional value and richer flavor, many professional chefs love to work with duck meat. Most people compare duck meat to the brown meat of chickens or turkeys although some folks say it is more like red meat. Raising meat ducks like Muscovy, Pekin, or Aylesbury is a perfect meat source that is healthier than most other meats. In addition, in our mobile duck coops, ducks are easy to raise making them perfect for backyard growers, small homesteaders, and of course commercial growers.

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Chicken Tractors for Ducks

If you are looking to raise just a few ducks for eggs or meat, our chicken tractors also double as duck coops. While this style is not as easy to move as our aluminum duck coops, it does provide a sturdy safe structure for your ducks. In addition, if you are in more of an urban area, it provides an aesthetic appearance for your backyard. If raising 3-7 ducks for eggs or meat is what you prefer, maybe these attractive, quality-built duck coops are for you!

We also have the option for mobile chicken coops on wheels that are perfect for raising ducks. These chicken coops on wheels simplify your workload because they do not require too much cleaning compared to the tractor chicken coop. We know that ducks are messy and need a lot of care and attention, with these mobile chicken coops on wheels, you’re able to just move the coop to a new location. Allowing your ducks to help you fertilize your ground for you!

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Happy Farmer Mobile Coop Testimonials

Awesome Coop!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
It moves easily and is ideal for ducks. I like to move the coop at least twice a day. I will definitely buy another one when I scale up my production.
Conrad Charles
Duck Farmer

Best Coop Ever!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This is by far the best coop I’ve ever had it is very safe and secure and very easy to move, highly recommend.
Raymond Lapp
Turkey Farmer

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