Mobile Coops for Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks

Make your birds happy with our Happy Farmer portable coops for your chickens, ducks, or turkeys. Your birds will thrive in our Noble Welding movable coops, and your family and customers will enjoy higher-quality food.

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Aluminum Mobile Coops for Your Poultry Farm

Join the Joel Salatin chicken coop movement with the Happy Farmer’s movable coops. These portable coops are designed from a chicken’s perspective to help farmers’ grain production and create a healthy chicken, duck, or turkey. Learn more about our mobile a-frame chicken coops and tractor coops for ducks, chickens, or turkeys!

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Our Aluminum Mobile Coop from Noble Welding

  • A wheel assembly to easily move the mobile coop
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame for a solid, long-lasting solution
  • Nesting boxes that make it easy to gather the eggs
  • Roll away feature on nesting boxes for a cleaner egg
  • Entry via a door or Flap in the canvas for easy access to the coop
  • Great for layer hens or for broilers
Mobile Coop To Protect Chickens

Why Choose Moveable Coops?

Predator Free Mobile Coops

If hawks, owls, or other predators lurk nearby your chicken coop, you can sleep with peace of mind knowing that your chickens, ducks or turkeys are safe and secure inside of our predator-proof mobile chicken coops.

Easy to Move

You can determine exactly where the mobile chicken coop will be every day. Our mobile coops include wheels for easy moving. This eliminates manure piles, discourages insects, and provides excellent fertilizer for your yard or pasture.

Fertilizer for Your Pasture

A mobile coop gives your pasture an excellent source of fertilizer as it moves through the field.

Mobile Coops for Chickens

Are you looking for mobile chicken coops to raise your own meat birds or egg layers? With various sizes and add-on features, our portable chicken coops help you raise healthy, pasture-raised meat or eggs.

Since our mobile coops are designed similarly to the John Suscovich coop tractors, you can raise the same healthy chickens for your family or customers. Our aluminum mobile chicken coops on wheels allow you to raise your own food on the farm to the next level!

Mobile Coops for Turkeys

Many homesteaders are turning to turkeys to add a diverse meat option for their freezer and that of their customers. Since turkeys are larger and have the ability to fly higher than chickens, keeping them contained can sometimes be a problem.

Our mobile turkey coops give you the peace of mind that your turkeys are safe from predators and from flying away, plus give them access to fresh green grass daily.

Mobile Coops for Ducks

For the more experienced farmers, raising ducks is the perfect opportunity to expand your farm. Although raising ducks can be slightly more difficult, the rewards are also higher.

Our mobile duck coops are designed to fit meat ducks as well as layers. Since ducks are messier than chickens or turkeys, our coop tractors are designed to be moved with ease to avoid piles of manure. This allows you to relocate your ducks and keep a cleaner pen.

So whether you raise duck eggs or meat ducks, our moveable coops are designed to make raising ducks fun and family-friendly!

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Assemble Your Movable Coops in a Few Short Hours

Assembly of the portable a-frame chicken coops for ducks will take between 2 and 4 hours. You should plan to have two people available for assembly. Each kit comes with assembly instructions to make the job easier. Learn more on the Coop Assembly page.

Mobile Coops QandA

Since homesteading is a family activity and lifestyle, we wanted to create a mobile coop that would be easy to use for anyone in the family. A mobile coop is specifically designed to raise pasture raised poultry in a healthy, safe way. You can keep your birds safe from predators while still allowing them to have access to the pasture. This provides you with “free range” benefits while still keeping the birds safe from the elements. In addition, you can keep your coop clean by simply moving the coop every day. This prevents your meat birds or layers from getting in contact with viruses, bacteria, and diseases that originate in unsanitary conditions.

  • Clean
  • Easy to move
  • Fertilizer on the pasture or field
  • To avoid predators, most people prefer to keep their animals in a barn or closed coop.

Every homesteader or small farmer strives for quality. That’s why we created a moveable chicken coop made out of aluminum! Aluminum has a never-ending list of benefits. It is strong, reliable, super lightweight, affordable, and, best of all, it doesn’t rust.

Often when you see a chicken tractor, it is low to the ground or made of cheap flimsy materials. In fact, most DIYers try to make their chicken tractors smaller so that they can be easily moved around. We designed our chicken tractors with quality aluminum tubing for countless reasons. Since our chicken tractors are made of solid aluminum tubing, it is still lightweight and easy to be moved. The aluminum frame combined with a white tarp provides shade and keeps your birds cool even in the middle of the hot summer days.

No more straining your back or having to worry about who in the family has to move the coop. Our aluminum chicken tractors have a tall roof, so you can walk into the coop to attend to your feathered friends. Also, we created various sizes, such as an 8ft x 10ft and a 10ft x 12ft chicken tractor. Even though some of our coops are large, they are still easy to move and have easy access to the coop.

  • Aluminum Tubing
  • Height so you can walk in
  • Made to easily move

Most farmers have walked into their coop or barn and groaned at the thought of cleaning out the manure! Chicken tractors eliminate that awful, smelly experience.

If you simply move the chicken tractor everyday or every other day, the manure is quite minimal and in fact can be used to fertilize the ground. Instead of having a permanent chicken coop where poop piles up and begins to stink, why not get a chicken tractor that you can move around? You will be happier, your chickens will be happier, and life will seem much better! 

We know that starting a new adventure can sometimes look overwhelming. That’s why we have a chicken tractor for sale that comes with everything included. From waterers, feeds, roost bars, and nest boxes, we tried our best to make a chicken tractor that even a first-time chicken or duck farmer could use. We created our chicken tractors to be strong and last a lifetime because we know you have better things to do than worry about fixing up your chicken tractor.

Our aluminum chicken tractors are built with quality and will last a lifetime. So why not buy a few of those cute chicks at your local feed store and begin your journey of raising chickens, ducks, or even turkeys? It’s an experience you and your family will never forget!

Happy Farmer Co carries the Noble Welding brand of moveable chicken coops and a Bird in Hand line of Chicken Tractors. Our line of mobile coops are similar to other brands such as Alumi-Coop and Chicken Ranger Coops. See below for more information on how the two brands compare.

That is a great question! Here is our answer:

  • Both the Happy Farmer Co mobile coops and the Alumi-Coops are built from Aluminum.
  • Both coop brands feature wheels for easily moving around the farm
  • Happy Farmer Co (Noble Welding) coops and Alumi Coops both offer options for nesting boxes

Sizes of Coops offered by each brand:

Happy FarmerAlumi Coop
4×6 Mobile Coops
5×10 Mobile Coops
10×12 Mobile Coops
9×8 Broiler Coops
9×16 Broiler Coops
9×24 Broiler Coops
5×6 Mobile Coop
6×10 Mobile Coops
10×12 Mobile Coops
12×12 Broiler Coops
12×24 Broiler Coops

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