20×36 Chicken Hoop House


We have what you need if you are looking for a larger chicken house for a larger number of chickens. Our mobile 20×36 chicken hoop house is great for large flocks and will keep them safe in various weather conditions. Our hoop coops are not made with knee-length bars, meaning you can move your chickens around quickly without worrying about crushing them under the bars. This coop is a durable option for your flock, and multiple additions can be added to the chicken house to make caring for your hens even easier.  

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Features of Our 20×36 Chicken Hoop House

  • Opaque Plastic Roof
  • Roll-up Side Curtains
  • Roll-up Front and Back Curtains
  • The roost provides comfort and safety
  • Sturdy Bracing System
  • Covered 4×7 Doors
  • Complete Directions for Assembly

More about this 20×36 Chicken Coop

Chicken Hoop Coop

Strong Design

This particular chicken coop stands out from others on the market due to its unique feature: unlike most coops, it doesn’t have floor-level bars positioned 18 inches off the ground every 4-6 feet. Instead, it utilizes a bracing system that reinforces the hoops of the coop, eliminating the need for knee-length bars.


Our 20×36 chicken hoop house stands out because it’s easy to move around. Since there are no bars inside, it’s quicker and more efficient to relocate without the risk of hurting or crushing the birds. This feature makes it convenient for the owner and keeps the chickens safe during relocation.


Would you like to enhance your coop? Consider adding our auto feeder system, instant water system, solar bank, or lighting system. You can add any of these systems at any time.

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