Meet the Happy Farmers

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Daniel and Sara Kauffman

Since Daniel grew up with animals as a child, he has a love for raising and interacting with animals.  Daniel spent several years raising goats, chickens, dogs, cattle, and even some miniature horses. After spending several years raising chicken eggs on a small commercial scale, he now finds it exciting to help other farmers find a chicken coop that is small, portable, and durable.

Daniel says, β€œIf more people would realize how easy it is to raise their own food, people would be flocking to pursue it”.

Now, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. Although he is no longer part of the commercial egg business, he still loves to raise animals regardless if it dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, or parakeets! Now his main goal is to help others improve their experience in raising chickens, ducks, or any kind of animals in their own backyard!

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Chris and Sylvia Stoltzfus

Chris grew up on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. He remembers getting up early on cold mornings and going out to a very cold barn to milk the cows on the 4th generation family farm (today the 5th generation lives there). His claim to fame is that he is Benemual’s, Gid’s, Stevie’s, Chris! (that is his family tree).

Today, Chris manages the marketing for Happy Farmer as well as doing marketing for other companies. He still loves to get his hands dirty and tries to find ways to house birds or other animals on his small city property in Lancaster City.

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