Do Ducks Need a Coop?

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Do ducks need a coop?

The simple answer is yes! Ducks are wild animals as opposed to chickens which are more domesticated. They need a confined space such as a duck coop to keep them from roaming and laying eggs all over the duck farm.

Unless you are trying to raise wild ducks, a duck coop is a necessity. Most domestic ducks that farmers raise for meat or eggs cannot fly long distances, and they will spend their lives on the ground.

Without a proper duck coop, these ducks become easy targets for predators.

As most people would say,

“they become sitting ducks”!! 


Most ducks survive better inside a coop that helps protect them from predators. And besides, no farmer wants their meat birds flying all over the property, and no farmer wants to run all over the homestead trying to find where the ducks hid their eggs today.

Ducks are Not Chickens

Unlike chickens, ducks do not return to “their nest”.

If your ducks are roaming the homestead, you will be required to chase the ducks back into the coop every night. Ducks tend to sleep wherever it is convenient, even if it is outside the coop. With a mobile duck coop, you can move your ducks around the homestead without having to worry about predators or stress about getting your “ducks in a row” for bedtime. 

Keep your ducks safe, secure, and stress-free inside a mobile coop that allows you to achieve free-range benefits and reduce your stress. 

What do ducks need in a coop?

Let’s face it; everyone wants happy, healthy ducks. While ducks are fairly easy to raise, they need several important things. 

Ducks Drinking Water
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First off, most ducks need a good water source. While domestic ducks don’t need a large swimming pool or pond, they do need water to keep their feathers oiled and certain glands moist. However, the combination of ducks and water creates a muddy mess. If possible, we recommend moving the coop daily or else cleaning out the coop weekly to avoid disease and wet piles of manure and bacteria. 

Dry Bedding

Ducks also prefer straw or some sort of dry bedding for sleeping or laying eggs. While this is harder to achieve in a permanent structure due to all the spilled water, putting your ducks in a movable coop allows you to keep your duck nest cleaner and drier which leads to happier ducks. 


Your “best friend” in helping maintain a clean dry coop is either consistently moving the coop or else getting the proper ventilation. Good ventilation will do wonders in keeping your duck coop from getting too wet, damp, or moldy. Due to their water splashing and excessive wet manure, it is very important to provide proper ventilation for your ducks. This is why most homesteaders choose a mobile coop that is easy to move and easy to ventilate.

duck coop that is moveable

Benefits of the Mobile Duck Coop

A lot of people are accustomed to creating a solid, stable duck coop. With a mobile duck coop, you can easily raise healthy ducks all year long. The mobile duck coop strives to combine all of the “free range” benefits with the safety and security of rigid duck coop. It’s a combination of the “best of both worlds”. 

Free Range Benefits

Who doesn’t want their meat or eggs “free range”? With the increasing number of health benefits from pasture raised or free range, it’s a no brainer. The mobile duck coop allows you to easily move your ducks to a new section of grass whenever you want. Now you don’t have to worry about predators snatching up your ducks during the day. A mobile duck coop will provide shade, safety, and security for your ducks while the graze on fresh grass and bugs all day long. 

Dry Coop

Ducks are known to poop, a lot! To avoid these messy manure piles, all you need to do is simply move your coop to a fresh section of grass. Instead of having to clean out your coop and provide fresh shavings for the ducks, all you need to do is move the coop a few feet. It’s that simple!

Proper Ventilation

A mobile duck coop with adjustable sides is the perfect solution to achieve proper ventilation. When it’s hot outside, simply raise the side flaps. When it gets colder, lower the sides to keep the ducks nice and warm. Also, raising the flaps helps to prevent the coop from becoming damp, moist, and moldy. 


Probably one of the most unique benefits of a mobile duck coop is the way you can fertilize your grass while raising ducks. No, you don’t need to shovel manure and spread it around the yard. All you need to do is move the mobile duck coop on wheels to whatever section of grass you like and let your ducks do the rest. When the ducks have appropriately fertilized the yard, then simply move the coop to a new section. It’s called “killing two birds with one stone”☺

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