The Classic: A 4×6 Chicken Tractor for 10 Hens


The original Egg Cart’n coop from Happy Farmer leads the way in backyard chicken farming. It’s a functional, portable, chicken coop for 8 to 10 chickens that is uniquely designed to be stress-free and keep your chicken healthy and happy all year round! With this small chicken coop for 8-10 hens you will have a coop that will last a lifetime and maybe even more!

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Features of our 4×6 Chicken Tractor Coop for 10 Chickens

  • EZ-lift system for moving the chicken coop
  • The ramp can be raised for protection from night predators
  • Easily retrieve your eggs from nesting boxes through the sliding door.
  • The double nest box for chickens to lay their eggs
  • The roost provides comfort and safety
  • A feeder and waterer for your 8 to 10 chickens
  • The sliding gate allows the chickens to be free-range
  • corrugated plastic skirting can be snapped-on for cold weather.
The Egg Cart'n Chicken Tractor

Backyard Chicken Farming with 10 Hens!

When you want to start that backyard flock of ten chickens, choosing a chicken tractor for 10 hens is an important decision. You want a chicken coop that is mobile so you can move it around the yard to fertilize the grass, but you also need something to keep the precious chicken safe. The Egg Cart’n Classic Chicken Tractor does all of that plus gives you an easy way for the children to get out daily and collect the eggs!


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Egg Cart'n Assembly Instructions

Assemble Your Backyard Coop in Short Order

Are you ready to get your personal Egg Cart’n Classic? Assembling the Egg Cart’n Classic is very straightforward. You need a few tools, a friend to help you, and our trusty assembly instructions. If you have these things in place, you will have a portable, lightweight chicken tractor in an hour or two.

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