3×4 Chicken Tractor Stained


Easily move this 3×4 chicken tractor or duck tractor around your small farm or backyard. The wheel assembly has an easy-to-use lifting system, making moving the unit a breeze. This chicken tractor is great for 6-8 chickens or ducks. 

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Choose a Stain Color

Rustic Cedar
Brown Cedar

Roof Type

Shingle Roof
Metal Roof


Chicken Tractor With Epoxy Floor
Epoxy Floor $195.00
Wire Over Window $95.00
Heated Roost $155.00
Solar Package $795.00
Automatic Door $350.00
Order total:
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Clear Stain Q34T Front View 2

How Many Birds Can the 3×4 Chicken Tractor Hold?

Our Mobile Tractors are great for chickens or ducks. Although the number of chickens or ducks each coop can hold varies depending on the breed, here is an approximate guide for how many chickens and ducks the tractor will hold.


Tractor Coop Standard Features

  • Board and batten siding with cedar stain
  • 75″ high – 14″ off the ground
  • 4 nesting boxes
  • 12×18 Window for ventilation
  • 2 wheels with wheelbarrow handles
  • Vent or Ventilation Door
  • Tech Sheild Roof Sheathing for a cooler coop tractor
  • Nesting boxes
  • And more
chicken tractor for sale online

Your Chicken Tractor Comes Ready to Use

Your chicken tractor or duck tractor will come to you ready to use. There is no need for a long assembly process. Your chicken tractor will be ready to use as soon as it arrives at your location.

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