Mobile Chicken Coops In North Dakota

Are you looking at mobile chicken coops in North Dakota and wondering which one will keep your feathered friends safe and happy? Here at Happy Farmer, we designed mobile chicken coops with the happiness of your flock in mind. These coops are easy to move, so your chickens can access fresh grass and insects. They’ll also keep your flock safe at night, so you don’t have to worry about predators. If you’re interested, we offer shipping for our mobile chicken coops in North Dakota and the other 47 states we serve in the United States.

Mobile Chicken Coops in North Dakota

Benefits of Tractor And Mobile Chicken Coops In North Dakota

  • Our mobile duck coops, chicken coops, and turkey coops are easy to relocate, which prevents overgrazing and provides your birds with fresh ground.
  • Provides a natural environment and protection; they’re inside while being “outside”
  • Reduces backyard buildup and promotes natural fertilization
  • Cost-effective.

Mobile Chicken Coops For North Dakota Farmers

Mobile Chicken Coops In North Dakota

Mobile coops are popular options for backyard poultry enthusiasts. Join the poultry enthusiasts and get your coop now for your poultry journey or update your chicken coop today with our aluminum mobile chicken coops in North Dakota.  Our coops come in different sizes, they can accommodate whatever number of flocks in your backyard. 

Mobile Coops for Ducks

Our mobile coops are convenient for keeping your ducks healthy and happy. They allow your ducks to have access to fresh grass, water, and insects. Our mobile duck coops are spacious, giving your ducks all the space they need to free range. Our 10×12 mobile coops can accommodate 40 ducks. 

Mobile Coops for Turkeys

Are you looking for a convenient way to keep your turkeys safe for Thanksgiving? Our mobile coops are perfect for your turkeys! With add-ons such as a rollaway nest box, waterer, and feeder, your turkeys can have the best shelter. They will have all they need in one place: grass, food and water, and a lot of space for free-ranging. 

Mobile Coops For Sale in North Dakota

Broiler Mobile Coops For Sale in ND

Are you in the sunny state of North Dakota and in search of the perfect housing for your broiler chickens? Look no further! Our broiler coops are designed to withstand the challenges of the region’s climate while maximizing your poultry production and ensuring the well-being of your flock.

Mobile Broiler Coops For Sale in North Dakota

Tractor Chicken Coops In North Dakota

Tractor Coops For Chickens

For small backyard growers, our tractor chicken coops in North Dakota are what you’re looking for! Our tractor-coops are perfect for homesteaders. Allowing your chickens to enjoy the sunshine and warmth while providing them with heat protection and plenty of shade. Our tractor coops come in different colors and sizes so that your chickens can get the coop they need!  

Tractor Coops For Ducks

With features like ramps, nesting boxes, and other add-ons, our tractor duck coops are a great shelter for your ducks. They are stylish and cost-effective. With the variety of colors we offer, find the right color coop to match and compliment your home while protecting your chickens from predators. 

Coop Tractors For Sale in North Dakota

Options For Mobile Coops

Here are some more options and choices in colors and sizes for your feathered friends. We specialize in building different sizes according to your needs. Customize the suitable color and size for your farm, and our team will deliver the product to you. Check out the different additions that you can add to your mobile turkey coop, chicken coop, or duck coop.

Other States We Serve


mobile duck coops in missouri

Do you want your chickens, turkeys, or ducks to have fresh grass whenever they want it? Our aluminum mobile chicken coops in Missouri are made for easy moving, so that is possible.


for sale chicken coops in kansas

Are you searching for ways to let your feathered friends have fun outdoors while protecting them from predators? Look no further than our mobile chicken coops for sale in Kansas.


mobile chicken coop for sale in minnesota

Are you tired of old-fashioned chicken homes that keep your chickens stuck in one spot? Well, with Happy Farmer’s mobile chicken coops in Minnesota, your feathery friends can roam freely.


mobile broiler chicken coops in Idaho

Say goodbye to traditional stationary coops that limit your chickens’ movement and freedom. With Happy Farmer’s mobile chicken coops in Idaho, your birds can access fresh grass and insects.


mobile chicken coops in Iowa

Are you a homesteader or a small-scale farmer in Iowa seeking to upgrade your poultry farming experience? We offer quality aluminum mobile chicken coops in Iowa designed to meet the needs of your free-range birds.


for sale chicken coops in arkansas

Are you looking to enhance your chicken-raising experience? Look no further! Happy Farmer is here to provide you with top-of-the-line mobile chicken coops in Arkansas. These coops are built to allow your chickens to roam freely.


mobile chicken coops in california

Looking for a movable chicken coop in California? Happy Farmer has what you need! Our aluminum chicken coops in California allow your birds to roam freely during the day while giving them a safe place to sleep at night.


mobile chicken coops for sale in colorado (1)

If you’re searching for a mobile chicken coop in Colorado, Happy Farmer Chicken Coops has you covered! Our aluminum mobile coops are easy to move, ensuring your feathered friends can always access fresh foraging areas!

Happy Farmer Customer Testimonials

Awesome Coop!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
It moves easily and is ideal for ducks. I like to move the coop at least twice a day. I will definitely buy another one when I scale up my production.
Conrad Charles
Duck Farmer

Best Coop Ever!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This is by far the best coop I’ve ever had it is very safe and secure and very easy to move, highly recommend.
Raymond Lapp
Turkey Farmer

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