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Assemble Your Mobile Coops in a Few Short Hours

Assembly of the mobile coops will take between 2 and 4 hours. You should plan to have two people available for assembly.

Steps to Assembling Your Mobile Coop

mobile coops on a pallet

1. Your Package Arrives on a Pallet

Your mobile coop will arrive flat packed on a pallet. In most cases, delivery to a business site will drastically reduce shipping costs. Also, a forklift usually is required to lift the pallet off of the truck although unloading a coop by hand can easily be done. Each coops arrive with instructions, hardware, and all the pieces needed for assembly.

mobile coop layout

2. Layout the Pieces

Layout all the pieces for your coop. Most coops will come with 4-6 pieces for the sides, a few pipes for trusses, 2 wheels, and 2-3 roost bars. Also, your canvas roof will arrive folded neatly in a cardboard box, and the hardware will be separated and marked in small bags based on their specific use.

frame assembly on mobile coop in pa

3. Assemble the Frame

Framing a structure will never be easier. Simply turn the pieces so that wire netting is facing inside the coop. The 2 gable pieces are easy to separate since only the front gable has the door. The sides simply line up with the netting inside, and drilled holes facing up or to the sides.

building chicken tractor in pa

Each frame piece will be bolted together with a washer on either side of the frame pieces. It may be easier to have a friend assist to help hold frames while tightening each side.

If you chose the 8×10 or the 10×12, you will receive 6 side frame pieces. Each of the sides will come in 2 sections to reduce shipping length. The side frame pieces with the added upright piece go towards the rear gable for the wheel mounts. Just make sure the holes drilled on the edges are facing up for the truss piece to be bolted on.

chicken tractor assembly

4. Add the gable peaks

If you are assembling the 8×10 or the 10×12 mobile coop, the peak will not be assembled. Simply bolt the one gable peak (with the netting) above the walk in door.

The other gable peak (without the wire netting) will be bolted on the rear gable. Since the rear gable is eventually covered with the canvas, the netting is not necessary.

trusses on mobile coop

5. Add the Trusses

The truss support is quite simple. The round pipes are bolted to each end of the gable. In the middle of the ridge line pipes, they are connected to the small square supports running to the side walls.

The small square supports running from the ridge-line to the sidewalls, are bolted where the two sidewalls meet. Each sidewall has a hole screwed on top where the roof support is fastened.

chicken tractor with door

6. Install the Door

Hardware for the door will be included in a separate bag. It is a simple latch setup that only requires a few small bolts to install. Install the horizontal latch part on the swinging door with the receiver bolted to the frame.

chicken tractor with wheels

7. Bolt on the Wheels

Each wheel bracket comes with a bolt and washer attached. Simply push bolt through the hole located near the bracket. Make sure to install the white washer between the wheel and the coop. This allows for better movement when pulling the wheel up to move the coop. When the coop is fully situated on the ground, the wheel bracket should be pointing towards the door of the coop.

roost bars in mobile coop

8. Add Roosting Bars

Each of the roosting bars also doubles as a support piece. For the 8×10 and the 10×12 coops, there are 3 roosting bars. Two of the roosting bars are mounted on either side of the entry door and run across the corner of the coop. The other end is bolted right above the wheel brackets.

The shorter remaining roost bar has 2 bolts on either side of the coop. This bar run directly across the coop, and it is bolted with 2 bolts just in front of the wheel brackets. This roost bar also holds the lower part of the coop together.

canvas on mobile coop

9. Throw on the Canvas

Each coop arrives with the canvas neatly packed inside a cardboard box. Simply unpack, and throw canvas over the mobile coop frame. The canvas comes in one piece making it easy to determine exactly how it fits.

After canvas in situated on top of the coop, use the bungee cords included to tie the canvas to the frame. If needed, the sides can also be rolled up to allow for more or less airflow.

Feeders for mobile duck coop

10. Add Feeders and Nesting Box

For the 4×6 coop, the nesting box is included. For all other coops, you can choose to add nesting box, feeders, or waterers. If you like, you easily acquire a nesting box later, or use a chicken feeder or waterer you have on hand already.

Get Started!

And it’s that easy! All you need is a grassy spot, animals, and feed, and you are ready to raise your own healthy pasture-raised meat or farm-fresh eggs. With a mobile coop for turkeys, chickens, or ducks, moving your birds will be easier, and raising animals will be more enjoyable than it ever was. Whether you choose to raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, or other animals, the choice is yours. Here at Happy Farmer, our goal is to make it a family fun project and enjoyable for all ages!

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